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Mimi Beckett

Palaeontology student studying for a DPhil in Earth Science, University of Oxford.

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###DPhil Project

“Pelagia (Teleostei: Acanthomorpha) as a non-analogue adaptive radiation.”

Supervisors: Dr Matt Friedman, Dr Zerina Johanson and Dr Sam Giles

Broadly my DPhil aims to investigage the relationships of Pelagia and investigate their rates of evolution and radiation after the Cretaceous-Palaeogene boundary using both fossil and modern data.

###4th Year Master’s Project 2013-2014

“Relationships and divergence times in lizardfishes (Aulopiformes): new insights from the English Chalk, London Clay, and Maastricht Formation.”

Supervisor: Matt Friedman

Aulopiformes (lizardfishes and kin) are an order of marine euteleost fishes with a worldwide distribution. Many are associated with deep sea or benthic environments, but some are found in shallow-water ecosystems including estuaries. This project focussed on 3D material from sites in the Cretaceous (English Chalk, Maastricht Formation) and the Eocene (London Clay), studied using computed tomography (CT). Morphological data from these fossils were combined with molecular data to perform phylogenetic analyses.