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Mimi Beckett

Palaeontology student studying for a DPhil in Earth Science, University of Oxford.

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About me

I am a third year DPhil student in the Department of Earth Sciences, Oxford. I am funded by NERC on the Environmental Research Doctoral Training Programme (DTP). My project focuses on the relationships of fossil and living Pelagia and investigate their rates of evolution and radiation after the Cretaceous-Palaeogene boundary using both fossil and modern data.

My research interests lie broadly in comparative anatomy, phylogeny and evolutionary processes of various teleost groups. I have experience using computed tomography (CT) to produce 3D models of fossils, and incorporating this data into combined morphological and molecular datasets. I have used both parsimony and Bayesian analysis to assess phylogenetic relationships. As part of my DPhil I am looking to broaden my statistical methods and I am currently developing my skills in R.

I have a Master of Earth Sciences (2010-2014) from the University of Oxford where my masters project focused on Lizardfishes (Aulopiformes) looking at their relationships and divergence times over the K-Pg boundary using CT data and “tip-dating” analyses.